Eurokracy 2016 on 35mm

Eurokracy is a show that I've attended every year for the past 4 years, but this year was by far my favorite. Every year I shoot hundreds of photos at this show, and after sifting through them in post and picking the best, I only end up with a handful that I use. This year I decided I wanted to spend more time with each shot, and get them right, and what better way to do that than with film?

Photographing with film is anything but point-and-shoot; everything needs to be taken into account. There's no electronic assists here, and at just under $10 a roll, you don't want to be wasting shots. I ended up only shooting 24 frames and out of those, 14 were ones I liked, and 1 was a group selfie. Much better ratio than 200 digital shots and 20 final images.

Another positive of shooting film is that all of this was shot on a Minolta SRT Super (102) that I bought for $40 and fixed up for another $20, and a 28mm lens worth less than $10. This is a 40 year old camera that still works perfectly well, and will continue to work for probably a long time due to the fact that the shutter mechanism is purely mechanical. No batteries.

And It's beautiful. Look at this thing.

We lucked out with a beautiful sunny day and I used the sunny 16 rule and some educated guessing for my exposures during the day and I'm very happy with the results. There'll definitely be more film to come!