Cars on Fire 2016

If you're even slightly into cars and live near the Montreal area, chances are you saw something about this new meet on social media during the summer. When I first heard about Cars on Fire, and saw that it was being hosted at Circuit Mont-Tremblant where I work, I was more than excited. It's the first time that the circuit has opened its gates to this kind of event, and I was really hoping that it would be successful.

Most of the shows that I've gone to in the past have been heavily populated by the VW folk, but there was a huge variety of makes here, from low Miatas and lifted trucks, to classic Porsches and army transporters.

There were so many cars that I skipped by many that I would have stopped for on a normal day, but it was hard to miss this bright and shiny Evo V on Fifteen52 Tarmacs. An excellent match for this classic rally star.

After flicking through my pictures at the end of the day I realized I was much more interested in the JDM sections of the show. There were so many great examples, like these two simple beauties above. They wear white wheels so well..

Of course, the modified community was well represented as well.

I got a shot of this mk3 golf back at Eurokracy this summer, but only as it was passing. This time, I got a chance to take a look inside and see if the interior was anything like the exterior.

I wasn't disappointed.

Close by in the pit lane were some builds from the other end of the spectrum.

This replica surely brought back memories for everyone at the show, myself included.

I'm glad to see that the circuit opened up its gates to a different side of automotive culture, and I definitely hope that Cars on Fire will be back next summer.